My fiance Christina was my brother’s best friend for many years. We never really talked or hung out but after my brother Michael passed away we started to talk. After we got to talkin she started living at my apartment with me she was probably at my apartment for about 2 weeks before one morning at around 5 a.m. she turned around and ask me if I wanted to be her girlfriend, I was a little skeptical at first but I knew I liked her for a long time since Michael and her became friends so I said yes that was on Sunday November 26th 2017! I remember laying in bed with her cuddling and then all of a sudden she gets a private call at like 5:30 in the morning from some girl in Ohio who was apparently her girlfriend. This girl got all pissed off because Christina was laying in bed with me well oh well that sucks I guess. So she lived in my house for maybe about another 2 months and then this scumbag James that we call Grandpa kicked her out for no reason and start a whole bunch of drama but now almost 6 months later we are still together no matter how many people told us that we shouldn’t be or that we’re not meant to be together f*** what other people think cuz I know I love her and I know she loves me well at least I hope so. One morning I had to go to the doctor for my wrist cuz it was messed up in a car accident and I went to CVS and got these crappy rings I’m sort of proposed to her but then about a month later she got some really nice Rings or Fingerhut and I took her to Deer Lake and proposed to her by the waterfall and the lake we’re planning on getting married November 26th 2018 hopefully it stays to plan because I know I love her very much and wouldn’t want to lose her over something so stupid like James or my mother or her mother or anybody interfering.

Submitted By:- Chrystina Marie