heart broken

I had a girlfriend i was in love with her for 7 years, she was got no time for me.when I want to spend time with her she keep telling me this vusi i have got daughter .my daughter cant stay without me I have to be closer to her all the time. she said to me.i try to understand her .but my gut told me she dont love me but i never listen my gut.when she is with me i always telling her how much i love her.she act different I know.when she come to spend time with me always she’s rushing to go back home.this year i decided to break up with her.but the problem I love her so much more then any women.i think she got boyfriend aside the way she acting. What Should I Do ?

Submitted By:- vusi nxumalo


  1. Sample Name

    only God knows what u are going through ask him to with draw ur mind from her

  2. Roi

    rape her

  3. Karen donato

    Life must go o. If u love you let it go

  4. Karen donato

    Life must go on if you love you let it go and move. On

  5. Kar Donato

    Life must go on if you love you let it go and move on

  6. Dudu

    jah its serious problem bcs love is blind most of the people stay to the relationship there’s no loved just they look the sources if a husband or wife Left a job or retrenchment you will see the colour

  7. yi xiang

    gud 4 u. letting go of some1 u lluv is a sign of respect 2her ..most 2 yourself…
    it’s not easy I know
    “move on” if you can’t..but,u need to..
    hmm let me say diz
    M. moving on
    A. accept it
    R. realization
    J. just do it…

    start moving on ,.accept it no matter how much u lvd her she cn never mayb bcoz of the situation & the pressure 4 the both of u.. and that’s the reality…you must realize that….
    just do it pal…
    must better than stock with hurtful emotion u felt right now…..

  8. H²0

    try to buy her some different gifts

  9. H²0

    try to buy her defferent gift

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