My name is addrian tites.i like to share my story with to guys.
It was the sun raise miorning time the weather was so cold and nice.if you look in the sky it blue and my hart is stading beating.want I clouse my eyes in the bling of hart get so cold Iwas thougth of that I will get was not like that but I was someones love come in my hart.I nile down and Icome down.Iwas so confuise becouse of the weather in the mena time someone cuver my face with his hand.I was realish that someone want to kill me and i was who are you than it was someone special come in my hart but it was so long time her name was in my hart the moment she leave my face then i.was open eyes and I sad wow it is you look like a stranger folow me the five do you know this day is the day of as to then she say Iknow where to fine you couse you are deeply in my hart then i can give on you becouse you are lover of my did you know you are so tragtive and lovely so quite and hansamen what Idont want to give up on you couse she drive me carzy.I just love on her and stading fall inlove

Submitted By:- Addrian