is it love ?

life is full of unexpected things on which the person you dont expect will came but it is made up of many twist on which can changed your life. there was this guy which i have a crush on for almost 3 years way back in high school. when we were in grade 7,we are classmates on which i started to know him as a childish and sometimes we argued with some little things on which it caused me to kick him but we still managed to laugh and smile whenever we were groupmate or at the school.when we were on grade 8, this is the time on which i had a crush on him. i dont know the reason why i like him but i just admire him by being a sensible,God fearing and had no vices.my friends kept on teasing me to him but i knew that he had a crush on someone else since i saw that during recess/dismissals, he always went to the other section and seeing the girl which he admire also. we were not seatmates but sometimes, he went to the vacant seat beside me then seat there then we were gonna talked and helped each other when there were activities so my friends teased me and i admit that i got blushed like a tomato. my friends sometimes told me that im very obvious in my actions that i like him and i don’t know if he knew it so i just control myself whenever we see each other. when we step on grade 9, we were no longer classmates and my friends never stopped in teasing me to him whenever we were seeing at the corridors or when he will went to our classroom this is the time that i hoped that he will also liked me but it seems that it cant since he liked somebody else but a tragic event happened on which our classmates died including her. i felt sorry for him and i see that he is in so much pain based on his appearance but life must go on as they said so we were motivated and finally entered to grade 10. this is the time on which i felt alone since my friends went to the other section but im really thankful that i find new friends that has been made me happy and complete in this days. the teasing doesn’t stopped but it happened that we were avoiding each other whenever we were going to meet at the corridors. my friend told me that we were wasting the moment or chances that destiny had given us to even talk to each other but still i remained silent and thinking the reason why he kept on avoiding me. i kept questioning myself on which he is the only one who can answer it whenever my friends had made a way for us,we just stare at each other,smile then walk away. i hoped that he will liked me but it seems that it can’t since when i was walking at the corridor, i saw him with a girl who said that they were just best friends but i later know that its not instead they are mire than that.
my hopes crushed down and that is the first time that i cry for a guy but i kept to be strong even its so hard to see them together. i soon knew that they got separated and i cant understand the reason which my friend told me. after our completion, i see him again at the school when we got our cards on which its so awkward so we just stared to each other and say nothing. the last time that I’ve seen him is when he went to get an important thing at the school and my feeling towards him doesn’t change. i still remember our moments together and its hard to forget but i need to move on and faced the new chapter of my life.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Denberu dereje

    Love is strong

  2. George Borbor

    I will never love a woman like that

  3. abdallah

    I love my lovers

  4. Rina

    Lovie is strong BT is better to have same one love u

  5. Sabrina

    I love my lovely lovie

  6. jiinii shumii

    I love everyone who loves me

  7. Stacey dramaz

    I support dereje

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