My Lifeline

I First met him on fb.We was only fb friends.BT everyday we chatting with each other morning to night.When my bday was coming 21 june.in night 12’o clock he wish me a vry special way….I was totally impressed becoz he was the first person who was vry close to my heart .He text me hpy bday…….atleast 100 times he wrote in the msg.Then he said.’I want to tell u something.I told.What??? He said.I think I fall in love with u and I want to convert our frndship in love.I was totally shocked and vry happy BT I rejected her perposal.I was in love with him BT afraid of my family.I said.No….anyway many day passed and every day our frndship will strong.then the day 3rd July I tell him…I LoVE You…I m don’t describe in words how he feel happy……Now 3 years complete of our love….our love increase day by day even then we don’t meet at once …. .BT now we don’t control our feelings we want to meet.I hope we met vry soon……
My story name is my lifeline becoz he is my jaan my life my everything….so I gave a title to my love story.My Lifeline 😘😘My shona love u so much forever

Submitted By:- Shona


  1. David

    want to good service

  2. Kundan kumar

    Kundan Kumar

  3. Fatih Mohamed Hassan

    Totally is a false

  4. Fatih Mohamed Hassan

    Good luck with the new one lover

  5. Mannir Abdulsalam

    wow ! I wish to have such like your story love.


    I loved it waaaaaa

  7. ajrSample Name


  8. Cecilia

    I wish you a blessed in your love.

  9. Cecilia

    have a blessed love.

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