True Love

Hyy frnds its me abina poudel from Nepal and the name of my life partner is Nikesh tamang I used to study in 11 when I gave my SLC I have got 3 months holidays so I don’t get any plans for my holidays so I started to help my mother and father in my own hotel when 1 was working in my hotel I see him I just leave him by looking I look him of to 1 months after 1 months I ask the driver who was working in his bus please uncle can u give me nikesh number than he replied that if u want his number go and ask to him why r u asking to me than I simply reply okay…..after all I was scared to ask his number my vacation was going to be finished 1 day was left….I told to the girl who was my friend in hotel her name was kavita I told everything that I love nikesh…..than she went to near by nikesh and asked his number but he didn’t give…..so I joined my class after that again when I have got vacation for dashain and tihar I meet him in hotel after long time…..after all he didn’t came to our hotel for 1 months my vacation about last day when I was returning to sindhulii for my study I see him again in my hotel than I feel so happy and also now I can’t wait so i ………goes…..near to him and ask his number again and finally he gave me his number after all we started to talk with each other after all he propose me and I feel too happy and my answer was yes……..and after all his caste was tamang and I am poudel our family did not accept our love story after all we were in love we can’t leave without each other so finally we decided to elop and we elop now we r happy with each other its already 3 years we are married but we haven’t fight till now also he love me so much now also

Submitted By:- Abina


  1. Estomii Makau

    I love you so much
    welcome Tanzanian?

  2. Estomii Makau

    Zanzibar Tanzanian

  3. mebin Vavachi

    I love your love story verry feelung full …😍

  4. Power Dom

    true love

  5. Power Dom

    are de we no true love

  6. Obwonyo.Lawrence@mail.Com

    take him seriously okay

  7. Sample Name

    you are beautiful

  8. Bila

    you arebeautiful

  9. Leke

    please take him seriously

  10. Leke

    please take him seriously OK

  11. Leke

    please take him seriously oo

  12. Leke

    please take him Seriously, OK

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